Fugui Ronghua Chapter 1

Provides housing, provide cars, gives wife money to buy clothes, shoes, leather bags, jewelry, buys infant formula for the kid, gives money and gifts to the parents on holidays and new year. On the surface, I’m a capable and elite white-collar worker; but in reality, I’m nothing more than an ordinary person working constantly for our livelihood.


My wife is a danmei fan. She is always on the internet to read novels when there is nothing to do, to discuss “gong” “shou”. Sometimes she even jokingly asked if I was a “queen shou” or “two-faced gong”. In those times, I only pat her head lightly, not bothering to argue back.


Actually, she doesn’t know that I am originally bisexual. I used to live preposterously with all kinds of men and women. When it is time to settle down, I cast aside those things; then marry, and earnestly started to run this family.

Recently, my wife falls in love with harem struggle genre. Her eyes always shine brightly looking at the computer.

I bring my son to play ball on the carpet, take the ball away, and his eyes gleam with tears. Bring the ball closer, he immediately grins from ear to ear. My foolish son, he is so cute to look at.

My wife suddenly asks me: “What if you suddenly transmigrate into an ancient woman?”I respond without thinking: “Adapt to society, integrate to new life.”

My wife asks again: “Even giving birth to children?”

I kiss my son’s delicate cheek, reply: “Of course, in order to keep on living, anything is possible. Don’t you think only women good at adapting.”  
The wife asks again: “What about living inside a rich family that makes wife and concubine share a husband?”

Smile and reply: “The answer is just like before. I can endure it physiologically, let alone psychologically. To fall in love with an ancient stud horse is looking for fault yourself. It is better just to enjoy the riches, and no need to work like ox and horse like in this life.”

My wife laughs out loud, hugs me hard and kisses several times.

Well, I didn’t expect that the next day, the words came true. After waking up, I turned to an ancient and rich 3 years old little girl.

My parents had savings and pension, furthermore, eldest brother also looked after them. My wife had a career, house and car were just bought, she shouldn’t have much to worry about. Besides, she was still young and good-looking, remarry should be easy. Just that my silly son, truly made me sorry for him, and regret to part with, would I be able to see him again?
I rest my chin in my 3 years old hand, feeling endless melancholy……

Prologue Niu Fei Zai Xia

I noticed people are looking for the prologue of this series, but I have stopped anything related to a certain publisher, still a fanfic translation is being done I suppose, NUF has the link to the other translator. Please go over to support them for continuing the works.


Single’s Day special TV program, <I am an otaku champion> recording studio.

An otaku male contestant name Wu Zhe, is using a clever way to answer questions in order to reach the award money.


The MC’s voice is fast and hurried: “A father suddenly enters the son’s room, what does the son usually do in front of the computer?”

In the midst of 10 seconds countdown, Wu Zhe needs to quickly respond with an answer that satisfy over 60% audience.

His answer is full of implication: “… The son is looking intensively and blankly at the screen!”

The electronic scoreboard displays the statistic, over 60% of the audience at the show agree with the answer.

“Another question, what is the biggest difference between having fever and feeling excited?”

“… having a fever makes you want to put on clothes, and feeling excited makes you want to take them off!”

“Over 60% thinks the answer is great!!! Let continue! It doesn’t exist, but no matter male or female will be pay attention to it, what is this body part?”


“Good response! Great, another question, you are about to reach 100,000 yuan reward! Before that I want to ask you something, Wu Zhe, if you received this 100,000 yuan, what would you do?”

“Go to otaku’s holy land Akihabara, buy a lot of super GalGame and adorable action figures!”

“Oh? Don’t you have any plan to get acquainted with Japanese meizhi (internet slang for younger girls)?”

“I don’t want to say it but to me, those 3D female are vulgar organisms!” with chopping the nail and slicing the iron tone, not even afraid to offend the audience.

“…Alright, another question, what if you suddenly turned into a woman, what would you rely on to survive?”

“È (⊙o⊙)?”

“Don’t be surprised, this is precisely the question. You still have 5 seconds to ask yourself.”

“Fine, if I turned into a woman, I would…”


Bang — — — — — — —


In the middle of  the startling shouting, a studio lamp on the ceiling suddenly drops, smash just right on top of Wu Zhe’s head.






Wu Zhe stupidly looks at his own diffident body.

Seems like I….died? Turned into soul form?

Just one minute ago, still have hands and feet, in the middle of the ask and answer game show recording, striving for the 100,000 mei money (yuan) ambitious zhainan (chinese for otaku).

But seem to be abruptly smashed by something on the head, then waking up in a non stop flickering black and white light alternating tunnel.

Looks like a time tunnel.

Like my soul is going through a time tunnel.

While Wu Zhe still hasn’t make out what the situation is, a lump of mist seems as something suddenly appear in the time tunnel, and wraps up his entire soul.

A mysterious and 100% mechanical like voice raises up.


【Soul form confirmed,begin to fuse. This process can’t be turned back, fusing progress 1%, 2%, 3%……】
【……Fusing progress 100% completed!】
【Strongest evolved organism/airframe and suitable soul successfully embedded, evolved airframe begins to recover from anabiosis……】
【Error!Unable to discover battle drive!Waiting for restoration.】
【Auto initiating safe mode, analyzing optimal survival rate ……】


These information orderly appears in Wu Zhe’s head.

Apparently……I combined with something?

Wu Zhe attempts to struggle.


【In middle of airframe optimal surviving analyzing,inside chaotic space flow, auto choosing mercury liquid form ……】


Right now, Wu Zhe feels like he has turned soft….

Wu Zhe couldn’t have thought that, he is slowly turning into a puddle of liquid mercury, floating forward inside the tunnel.

Even though there are no eyes and body, but he can clearly feel that he has turned into a puddle of mercury.


Bang — — — — — — —


Suddenly, the time tunnel cracks a hole.


A very big woman’s hand abruptly pierce through the time tunnel, the rosy nails carry with them the time particle, maliciously grabbing the Wu Zhe’s liquid body.

This hand grabbing, has a grandeur looks that resemble the Buddha’s palm striking toward the monkey.


【Extreme danger! Escaping rate is less than 1%……】Wu Zhe once again hears the mechanical voice, but with sharply warning tone.


Ka — — —


Another hole has cracked open the time tunnel, a huge man’s hand reaches in, managed to block away the woman’s grab.

Using this opportunity, Wu Zhe’s body automatically transform.

The liquid mercury quickly change into emptiness, in just a moment turned into a ball of light, circles around the woman’s hand, moved toward the deeper end of the time tunnel in lightning speed.


【Light form escapes successfully, 99% energy consumed, unable to continue leaping, randomly dropping down to any worlds……】


In the midst of confusion, Wu Zhe feels he has fallen into the water.


【Discover humanoid life form! Automatically choosing survival probability! Transforming DNA and clothes, 1%, 2%……】


Wu Zhe has no time to react, unable to know how long has passed, only feel that he has been lifted up from the water.


Bam — —


Breaking away from the water surface, Wu Zhe is roughly thrown aside by his savior.

It is a deck of a big ship.

Wet as a rat Wu Zhe opens his eyes, can vaguely see that his savior is a middle age man dressed in ancient clothes xiake (knight? I need help here…)

At this moment, the xiake’s strong qi excites, the water is shaken away by some kind of breath.

Neigong? Wu Zhe stares dazely.

But neigong can’t be this awesome, or is it xuanqi like those internet’s novel?


After throwing Wu Zhe on the ground, this xiake curses something, but Wu Zhe couldn’t understand what he says.


The mechanical voice resumes once more time in the head: 【Learning the language, 1%, 10%, 30%……】


To Wu Zhe’s surprise, the language learning speed is so fast, he could understand 70 to 80 percent what the man says after just a few sentences.


“Your mom…. Took…. 10 silver tael….to save your little sister…. Yet you dare to escape yesterday night… Luckily I found out early to catch you…. Still has Yin body, yet you found a chance to run away! Your lowly life could  be damned, but what about my reputation of the three hero of Mount Qing?”

What? He says what thing?

Wei, wrong translation right? Is this mechanical voice pirated edition?

Distracted half a day, Wu Zhe hits his forehead to clear his thought a bit.

To his surprised discovery, when he raises his hand, the tiny arm is delicate and fair, furthermore carry with its accessories and blush color of female apparel.


No fucking way?!

Wu Zhe brings his two hands together in disbelief.

A girl with fair skin……

Pat pat face, touch touch head…. Smooth and soft face, ancient unmarried female hairstyle.

And… delicated girl’s body.

Shoot!!! Otaku turns woman?

Wretched, that MC is a crow’s beak.


Next, don’t tell me that I actually have to ponder….

An otaku turns into woman, what to rely on to survive?

In a split second, Wu Zhe suddenly recalls his own nickname in elementary school: Wu Zhe, read separately, no JJ….

My god! Wu Zhe wants to put up his middle finger, but he is dumbfounded.


È (⊙o⊙)?………Don’t tell me I can’t raise it in the future?! Also someone else might….?!


Neigong: in wuxia, inner energy or so.

Xuanqi: mysterious energy.

Fugui Ronghua Prologue

Because my dear fan dt902 commented, “Yesterday I asked my husband: What would you do if you transmigrate into an ancient woman?

Answer: adapt to society, integrate to the new life.

Ask: Even give birth to children?

Answer: Of course, in order to survive anything would do, don’t you think only woman could adapt easily.

Ask: what if in a rich family with multiple wives and one husband?

Answer: The answer is the same as above, can endure it physiologically let alone psychologically, to be in love with ancient stud horse is looking for fault yourself, it couldn’t be better just to enjoy the riches that you have, no need to work like ox and horse like this life.

I didn’t expect my husband to be this swift and fierce, I hugged and kissed him wildly several times!”


There is no synopsis, figure out as I go.


(Pretty much the author’s words)

New release

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